Saturday 28th October


11.30 am

Ruth King • Demonstration

“Whole In One” 

Ruth will show her making techniques including folding a bowl from a single slab of clay.

2.00 pm

Ashraf Hanna • Demonstration

“Line, Form & Space”

Ashraf will talk about the aesthetics of his work and demonstrate his hand-building techniques.

4.00 pm

Mark Griffiths • Demonstration

“Altered Forms”

Mark will show how he changes his thrown pots by various techniques including squaring & faceting.

Sunday 29th October

11.30 am

Ben Brierley • Demonstration

“Building with thrown slabs”

Ben will construct a composite bottle using thrown elements.

2.00 pm

Sabine Nemet • Demonstration

“My Life as a Potter”
Sabine will talk briefly about her life, and demonstrate how she makes oval dishes, butter dishes and other pieces for wood/soda stoneware firing.